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In every world, there are hidden corners, lots of colors and flavours, many reasons for pride and passion. We have clients and friends, we have dreams and wishes.

Each and every day, we transform our small world into something more and more truthful, more perfect, but at the same time unfulfilled, because the best is never enough and the impossible is our goal to achieve for all the inhabitants who are a part of our world.

Open the door of our world, we invite you to wander through the immensity of colors and flavors inside our portfolio.

Come look closer what interests you most.

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We are very proud to share our history and to shout out to the world, that we started in 1986. A few decades have passed… the premises were small, but we gathered the will to overcome with strong commercial relations and we never looked back since. We opened the first warehouse in the heart of Lisbon and day after day, new clients appeared, became our friends and brought more clients with them, who became our friends too… and SOLBEL has grown, always with dignity, honesty and sustainability, growing successfully until today.

We try to provide services of excellence in our distribution to restaurants and hotels of Lisbon. To be close to our clients and suppliers is essential, obvious, positive and full of advantages.

Have a nice trip, have a good choice!

Solbel in topics…

  • SOLBEL emerged in 1986, in the heart of Lisbon, when in the middle of the commercial motion, drinks had a special glow that was worth knowing better;
  • Standards like dynamic attitude and adjusting constantly to our client’s needs, have always been and always will be the priority of SOLBEL that is more than a simple beverage distributor.
  • In 1997, SOLBEL moved into a space, with almost 3.000 sqm in the heart of Lisbon, where it reached up to 40 employees and 8 distribution vehicles;
  • In September 2012 new promises opened. This time SOLBEL built its own modern building (office and warehouse) in a total of 6.000 sqm being able to respond to the incoming needs of a rising company.
  • SOLBEL has today over 45 employees and 11 distribution vehicles and a strong team spirit, solid partnerships and a personal acquaintance of each client and market.
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